Perks of becoming a SDIMUN Staff Member:

  • Demonstration of Leadership (Great for College Apps)
  • Community Service Hours
  • Seeing Model UN from a different perspective

Committee Staff

Committee Staff will oversee almost all of the operations in SDIMUN’s 8 committees. Committee Staff will interact primarily with delegates.

Head Chair (All Committees)

Previous MUN leadership experience required.

The Head Chair, through the use of the gavel, moderates debate, keeps time, rules on points and motions, and enforces the rules of procedure. As the Head Chair, you will help to moderate debate and keep the committee running smoothly.

You will be tasked with overseeing the creation of your committee’s Background Guide and will be expected to write the majority of the guide.

Vice Chair (All Committees)

Previous MUN leadership experience highly recommended.

The Vice Chair assists the Head Chair to help run the committee. As the Vice Chair, you will be primary in charge of grading delegates. You will have the opportunity to serve as the Head Chair for half of one of the committee sessions.

You will assist in writing the Background Guide.

Director (Specialized Committees)

No MUN experience required. Interest in committee topics required.

Directors will oversee the creation of working papers and draft resolutions in committee, act as experts on the two topics, make sure delegates accurately reflect the policy of their countries, and ensure that decorum is maintained during caucuses. As a Director, you will help edit and format draft resolutions, aid the dais, and engage with delegates.

You will assist in writing the Background Guide.

Rapporteur (All Committees)

No MUN experience required.

The Rapporteur will keep the speakers’ list and take the roll call, as well as assist in and keeping track of administrative duties in the committee room.

Page (All Committees)

No MUN experience required.

Pages will serve to move notes between delegates, delegates and the Chairs, and the Chairs and the Upper Secretariat.

Crisis Liaison (Crisis and Cabinet Only)

No MUN experience required.

The Crisis Liaison will serve to move crisis notes between delegates and the Chairs, and the Chairs and the Crisis Staff.

Crisis Staff

Crisis Staff will oversee the crisis aspects of the 3 Specialized Committees. Crisis Staff will work together to ensure that Specialized Committee delegates have a great and challenging experience.


MUN/JMUN experience in SC, RSC, First, Fourth, or ECOSOC highly recommended. MUN/JMUN experience required.

The Crisis Managers will be responsible for figuring out how the various crises will pop up unexpectedly during the conference. As a Crisis Manager, you will help lead the creation of fake news articles, videos, and other documents. This role requires significant creativity, and an ability to work under pressure.


MUN experience is recommended.

Crisis Operatives will work in a team to create plots for Specialized Committees. This role requires the ability to work under pressure, research effectively, and use strong creative skills. You can look forward to creating fake hostage videos, realistic looking newspaper articles, and acting out the policy of nations not present at the conference.


Speech and Debate, MUN, or other Public Speaking/Acting experience is required.

Presenters will go from committee to committee to present Crisis Communication and serve in a variety of roles. As a Presenter, you should be able to make speeches with limited notice without a script and be able to take and deflect questions. You may act as the USG for Peacekeeping Operations in a SC hearing or represent Malawi in a committee’s voting bloc.


Journalism or other Writing experience required.

Journalists need to be an excellent writer as all fake press releases, news articles, and other written things will be authored by you as a Journalist.

General Crisis Staff

No MUN experience required.

This position will see you working in the crisis room making the delegates’ actions come to life. This is a fast paced environment that will require creative and quick thought. As a member of the Crisis Staff, you may serve in any of the above positions as demand requires.

Conference Staff

Conference Staff will help to both support all other staff and to make sure that the conference runs smoothly.

Secretariat Support

No MUN experience required.

Will assist the Upper Secretariat in operating the conference.

Logistics Staff

No MUN experience required.

Will serve as the Jack/Jill-of-all-trades and will help to make sure that all aspects of the conference are taken care of.

Advisor Support

JMUN/MUN experience recommended.

Will assist the Conference’s advisors by staffing the advisor lounge and making sure that they are kept apprised of all committee aspects.


No MUN experience required.

Will take pictures of both ceremonies, committees during committee sessions, and delegates during breaks. As a photographer, you should have access to a camera.

Technical Staff

No MUN experience required.

Will assist in making sure that the conference runs technologically smooth. Should have interest in computers and A/V.

Social Media Staff

No MUN experience required.

Will work to promote the conference on social media, and will serve to post (and all those other verbs) during the conference. Should be very proficient in numerous social networking sites.

Make Your Own

Think you can best assist the conference by serving in a niche position not listed above? Make your own position to do just that!




Coming Soon!